Elements of sustainability
1. Timeless design
2. Durable materials 
3. Local production 
4. Care and purpose 
Timeless design
We believe in making timeless pieces you will keep and treasure for a long time to come. To us, sustainability is about combining natural materials and high quality craftsmanship. We believe that a seasonless approach is the only way forward in order to slow down the pace of fashion consumption.

Durable materials
We are committed to using long lifecycle materials. All of our pearls are high quality freshwater pearls sourced from the Zhejiang province in China. Our jewelry is crafted in 925 Sterling silver or gold-plated 925 Sterling silver. This is a durable plating that will last for a long time with proper care. 

Local production
All of our jewelry is individually handcrafted on the norwegian coast. In contrast to mass-produced pieces, we strive to work with local suppliers that have used generations to master a certain skill. Most metal pieces are produced in a family-run foundry just outside of Fredrikstad in Norway, we also use a local printery in Stavanger for all printed goods. We believe in transparency and keeping the supply chain as small and local as possible. 

Care and purpose
It is our belief that treasured items last longer, and so we hope that our customers will value and cherish the work that lies behind each and every Studio Bille item. We believe that by giving our customers an item with a value and a purpose, it will be cared for in a different way than products produced by machines in a big factory.