Studio Bille was founded in 2021 by Maria Undheim.

      Studio Bille is an independent Scandinavian jewelry brand, made to compliment the modern wardrobe. The philosophy stands upon the concept of slow fashion, combining sculptural forms and pure materials.

      The narrative of Studio Bille started with a vision of slowing things down and reconnecting with tactile processing, exploring shape and texture to find balance in opposing elements using recycled Sterling Silver and Freshwater Pearls. Pearls are the only gem that grows within a living creature; A renewable and unique resource, unlike other gemstones, which will never be formed again once they are removed from nature.

      Balancing vitality with simplicity, the combination of Pearls and Sterling Silver is considered a timeless essential in the twenty-first century. Keeping longevity and versatility at the forefront of every decision,  Studio Bille is built upon the belief that a seasonless approach is the only way forward, aiming to create future heirlooms with subtle attitudes of abstract styles.

      "Our collection stands as an ensemble of irreverent signatures that transcend seasons and trends. It evolves with contemporary pieces embodying an understated elegance, in a rhythm that values artisan craftsmanship and the creative process from start to finish."

Our Ethos